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How to refocus my brand around its legitimate purpose and set-up for change?

How to make sure my brand is prepared for, or stays fit during, times of uncertainty? What if we’re trapped in legacy thinking and can’t seem to innovate? Is it time to rebrand?

If we had to give a single tip to everyone who needs to pivot or change, it would be this: Find and obsess over your legitimate Narrative (called also brand Idea, WHY, Vision, Purpose,...whatever). Make it the center of your company's operations. If your vision never changes, your company is in a leading position to adapt to market changes.

As a pivot happens around the center, refocusing on your Narrative will, as a short-term impact, help adjust and rework the current ways of doing, and as a long-term impact, generate the mindset in which legitimate innovations can happen.

With internal clarity comes new perspectives. A clearer view on who you are, that allows for a purpose-driven strategy and helps you make better decisions for your business.

Problems branding solves

  • Keep the focus around the narrative
  • Fight legacy thinking
  • Balance long-term and short term ambitions
  • Boost internal synergy and communication
  • Leverage of existing assets
  • Adjust or find the right positioning (market)
  • Recruitment strategy and hiring policies

Regardless of WHAT we do in our lives, our WHY—our driving purpose, cause or belief—never changes.

At the time, we were overwhelmed, not knowing clearly why J&JOY existed. You gave us the boost we needed and helped us reinvent ourselves.


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