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How to use my vision to take meaningful actions? How to exercise inspiring leadership?

How to translate my ambition into a Brand narrative that'll guide actions and ensure consistency? How to find my brand's legitimate drive ? How to close the gaps with my teams?

Finding your identity as a brand, means finding what makes you unique and articulate your brand to the world. Say hello to the Narrative! More than the marketing concept of storytelling, your Narrative is the essence that comes prior to the business strategies, marketing plans, supply chain management or anything else.

It’s the metaphysical drive that guides every decision on the inside of your company so that it projects its purpose on the outside in a consistent way. As a leader, it allows you to spot the gaps between how people ─inside and outside your company─ feel about your brand and how you want them to feel.

By shaping a truthful Narrative and turning it into brand strategies, you will align business, humans and brand experience.

Branding allows to

  • Build a strong narrative
  • People management
  • Keep the focus around the narrative
  • Align and inspire people
  • Get unified strategies to build the same idea
  • Boost internal synergy and communication

Clear vision leads to easy decisions.

I know we can reach the level of a leading brand in our market. Our ambitions is supported by a strong narrative. We are all aligned, focussed on bringing peace of mind to our clients.

Aurélie Guillaume (CEO OF GMS)

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Starbucks, a vision in the future
Starbucks, a vision in the future
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It’s time you step up your Simon Sinek Game
It’s time you step up your Simon Sinek Game

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