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How to spark passion for my brand from the inside-out?

How to federate every team member around the brand’s strategies? How to make sure everyone is aligned with our narrative?

It's time to focus on you. When we say you, we’re talking about your people, your values and your purpose as a brand.

Competition, market shares and threats are external factors. Start by looking inside your company, consolidate your brand foundations, and nurture your people. Align individual goals to team goals. Align team goals to company goals and be ready to fight back.

Federate your team around a higher purpose, clarify how your brand does things its own way and your Company Culture will follow suit. Create a supportive environment for creativity, productivity and/or collaboration. Show, with actions, how you want your brand to behave… for the simple reason that Culture is the by-product of consistent behaviors.

Problems branding solves

  • People being managed, not led
  • Recruitment strategy, retention and hiring policies
  • Boost internal synergy and communication
  • Set-up consistent tactics and behaviors
  • Internal capability building
  • Create a sense of belonging

Brands are the sum of people working within them.

I truly believe the rebranding has helped us immensely to grow as a team and gain maturity.


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It’s time you step up your Simon Sinek Game
It’s time you step up your Simon Sinek Game
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What is Company Culture all about? And why it’s not what you think it is.
What is Company Culture all about? And why it’s not what you think it is.

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