Helping Brands Find Clarity

We’re not your typical branding agency and we never mean to be. We are at the intersection between agency and team members.

We believe in branding done differently. It's about aligning, inspiring, and federating people around a shared vision, not just slapping on a new logo.

We work side-by-side with our clients to unlock the power of their brand. We dig deep to unearth purpose and make it visible.

Transforming Businesses into Brands

About Nemesis

Launched in 2019, at the dawn of Covid, Nemesis is a branding and design studio working to transform companies into brands.

Founded on the strong belief that brands are the sum of people working within them. We help founders, CEOs, and teams realize who they truly are, what they stand for, and shine light on their company’s competitive difference.

Our mission is to help brands find internal clarity to stand out with external consistency... with purpose.


The Rules We Abide By

Not a manifesto per se, but something that captures our philosophy, our motives and our intentions in rebranding the world.


Endless Curiosity

We strive to continually learn and challenge conventions relentlessly. Complacency is not an option.


Think inside the box

Context is everything. So we make sure we find ways to be innovative and creative within reality. Otherwise it’s just fantasy.


Rational is emotional

Building clarity and consistency is a rational process, done thoughtfully it connects brands to people on an emotional level.


Empathy builds trust

We make a difference by putting ourselves in the other's shoes. A human-first attitude that builds better relationships.


Make things scalable

Work to make our methodology accessible to anyone. Then make it simple to use, open-source, and easily replicable.


Make it visual

Raw datas are what you feed an excel. Humans are visual creatures, we simplify for them.


Ignite passion

To make a lasting and positive impact on people is to make them fall in love with their purpose. This is how we fuel success.


Don’t compromise

What makes for a successful work, is never splitting the difference. It’s making choices with intentionality, always.


Cultivate ownership

Most agencies work to impress people with branding, we work to empower them. Wowing our clients will be the byproduct of their autonomy.

Building Brands From The Inside-Out

Our methodology

We believe branding is best done when really understanding how to align business, humans and experience.

From transformative discussions and radical immersion, we find what makes our clients unique and articulate their purpose in an actionable brand strategy. 

We then build a visual identity that they will be proud to champion.


We work from the inside-out. A collaborative partnership rather than the typical ‘agency as a provider’ attitude.


Clarity through immersion

It starts with deep conversations and insightful strategy, and ends with crafting a consistent brand experience. We take the necessary time to uncover the true essence of our clients' brands.


Capability building not dependency

During the collaboration we make sure to alleviate the burden on client teams by leading the brand transformation head-on, transfering knowledge and building their capabilities along the way.


Outsider’s fresh eyes

We approach every project with an open mind. Starting every mission without any preconceptions allows us to challenge legacy thinking within a business and bring in fresh perspectives.

More about us and how we think

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