Company culture

Your values don’t make you different. But the actions you take upon them will. All too often, daily routines and operational initiatives end up taking a toll on a Company Culture.

When focus is taken away from purpose-driven behaviours and decisions, change resistance, miscommunications, and inconsistent experiences ensue.

Branding with Company Culture in mind prevents a weak employer brand. Even more, it builds synergy, attracts top talents, encourages their retention, and boosts engagement.

From principles to rituals, we help you align culture with brand, in an actionable way.

Company Culture is the backbone of modern brands. It’s about fulfilling your people, making them your best ambassadors and empowering them with purpose.

We help you unlock what makes your organization unique. We help define the behaviours that will ensure your work environment amplifies your brand:


I’ve added free donuts and yoga Friday, but my company culture is still not right, what am I doing wrong?

Everyone keeps telling me employer branding is important, what is it anyway?

They tell it better than we would


« I didn't know what attitude to adopt towards people that were no longer a fit for the company. A lingering issue that I wasn’t sure how to fix alone. It took the Nemesis team two weeks to solve troubles the company had for years. »


« Working with Nemesis was a great experience for the entire team. For the first time in a long time, we all feel perfectly aligned in our vision. Looking back I realised we’ve never had such synergy. »


« It's been quite a ride clarifying our brand mission and doing a makeover of our graphic identity with Nemesis. Smart, ambitious, good-humoured and hard-working, the team dove deep into our culture to help us reformulate what makes us unique and how to leverage it through the big and smaller choices we make everyday at Makisu. It's been an iterative process in which our voice was heard as well as challenged. »

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