INEO (ex. CPME) called on us to help them look back at 25 years of achievements and clarify their positioning and new identity for the future. 


After 25 years of academic experience and countless graduates who went on to start some of Belgium’s most recognized unicorns and fast-growing startups like Cowboy, eBloom, BePark, Ring Twice (ex-ListMinut), Socialsky and many more, it was time to refocus and reevaluate what impact meant at CPME.

Most of all, they acquired knowledge over time and needed to formalise these lessons for all stakeholders. Making sure to communicate their ambition for the future to the many people with a vested interest in making this entrepreneurship option future-proof.

If the master’s was successful, they had yet to clarify what exactly brought them all together.

The mission

CPME wanted to take a step back to look at what was achieved over 25 years and define how to speak, inspire and shape all forms of entrepreneurship in the future.

The option’s goal was to find how to emphasise the importance of different forms of entrepreneurship in education. While every business MBA or master’s focus is on the business creation side of entrepreneurship, they realised that the entrepreneurial mindset shouldn’t be limited to launching a company.

In addition to the need for clarification, they also wanted ways to position themselves accordingly on the international educational scene.

Our approach

We had to approach this project from different angles as there were many different typologies of persons involved and thus many points of view to take into account. 

The immersion was comprised of individual interviews with students, alumni, investors, incubator managers and professors. We saw students pitch their projects at fairs, followed a couple of classes, heard the lectures of visiting speakers and many more events. 

« Thank you for taking the time to understand our work and what we have been doing for 25 years. Thank you for bringing clarity and resolving compromises that prevented us from being 100% on board. »

Frank Janssen

Academic Director, INEO

With informed insights, we were able to give a sense to the notion of an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship programme.

If in measuring impact, there was a real focus on the few successful alumni, the essence of this program was much different. We dove deep with a group of a few key people into the real value of diversity and the impact the alumni had already had on the Belgian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Once they were clear on who they were, it became obvious that the current name and visual identity would no longer be aligned with this vision.

« Nemesis succeeded in involving all stakeholders in the process, making the rebranding a journey where everyone had a part to play. Today, INEO can move forward as one and increase its impact on the Belgian business network. »

Valerie Legros

Programs Coordinator, INEO

A deep-dive into the journey of INEO

After a couple of weeks of immersion, connecting the dots between the many stakeholders, we were onto something.

Whether it was students who went on to launch their own company, takeover existing businesses, expand business at various companies (intrapreneurship) or simply be more autonomous and driven employees, the interdisciplinary programme had had more impact on the labour market from the perspective of a student than it had if they were to only look at business creation as the main KPI for success.


It was then easy to turn it into a legitimate narrative to align everyone:
Helping students find their entrepreneurial path.

Therefore —and to honour all forms of entrepreneurship— we renamed the CPME option to INEO. From the Latin verb inire, ineo means “I undertake”.

Thus, ‘CPME, interdisciplinary training in business creation’ became ‘INEO, interdisciplinary training in entrepreneurship’.

An identity anyone can champion

Following the clarification of their vision, we worked on renewing the option’s visual identity. 

There was a challenge though: there were a lot of different people who needed to be able to use the brand's assets. And not every one of them would be a skilled graphic designer.

So we had to make the design scalable across all stakeholders.

Positioning an academic option for impact

INEO enters a new era. The master’s is no longer focused on the reductive metric of “How many students have launched their company?” Rather, they measure their impact on how well the students explore the endless possibilities that the many forms of entrepreneurship hold.

Today INEO is recognised for its impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Belgium and all around the world. With students, alumni and professors active in events such as TedXBrussels, Mind & Market, the Future Generation Summit and more.

After our collaboration, INEO rose to #2 in the Eduniversal ranking for Best Masters outperforming MIT, ESSEC Business School and Cornell University.

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