Sent (ex. General Mail Services) needed a global rebrand that would build upon their values and boost their growth. From brand strategy to visual identity.


For the family business, things haven’t always been running easily. Previous management had brought the company on the brink of collapse.

But for the past decade, and under new leadership, Sent’s affairs were gaining steam again. They successfully turned the company around and the CEO wanted to capitalize on that growth while making sure to avoid reproducing the mistakes of the past leader.

The question was then: How can we leverage growth and stay true to who we are?

The mission

The company was ready to welcome more team members, with a challenge: to build a sales department from the ground up.

The initial scope of the mission was to clarify their vision and build a brand strategy around it. Then help align everyone around it, current and future employees.

During the collaboration, the scope broadened as it became obvious to everybody at Sent that, with a clearer vision, their visual identity needed an update.

Our approach

We worked, over several weeks, inside the —then General Mail Services— offices and logistic center, doing one-on-one interviews of both employees and clients. We got to learn their job, meet their partners and discover what they stand for.

« It took the Nemesis team two weeks to solve troubles the company had for years. Their position as outsiders as well as their empathy set the collaboration on the right path: genuine, efficient and collaborative. »

Aurélie Guillaume

CEO, Sent

With internal insights, we helped the team reconnect with the heart of their brand. We built a narrative that would ultimately bring vision, culture, and business strategy into perfect alignment.

Together with the CEO we implemented change throughout the whole company. Helped them recruit new employees for key roles and built their sales department from scratch.

Starting with a renaming, and with attention to every design detail we succeeded in creating an identity they are now all proud of.

« From day one, they took the time to get to know us. It was different from what I imagined it was to work with a branding agency. They worked with us on a daily to truly understand what we stand for. And it shows in the strategy —that is totally us by the way— but I think it shows most of all in our identity. I’m in love with the new look of the brand and I can’t give enough kuddos to the team for designing our own font. »

Tessa Fonteyne

Office Manager, Sent

A deep-dive into our journey with Sent

Admittedly, it took Aurelie real guts to trust Nemesis. Not that we weren’t trustworthy back then. But rather we were a young company with an unusual way of looking at branding. That novelty had scared some prospects before, but not Aurelie. In retrospect, that might as well have been the catalyst for our collaboration.

The partnership took somewhere around 6 months, where we got to learn the job first-hand. Having more than surface-level understanding of the work that is done at Sent.

Immersion was key. 


We got to learn field realities, confront our understanding of the brand, and challenge the strategic work directly with those concerned. It gave us the best insights to design for humans not just aesthetics.

Turning narrative into story

Working side by side with the team, we had the chance to witness principles truly embodied. They put great effort to fulfill their promise, even when it cost them time or revenue. Always going beyond what was expected to deliver with that extra Sent flair.

We quickly realised they where driven by relieving their client more than anything else. It was about building a service people could rely on so that naturally, trust ensued.

The brand narrative was straightforward:
Delivering peace of mind

It was then a question to design a brand that would bring this ideal to life, and that they’d be proud to champion.

Designing a personable identity

When approaching the design of the brand visual identity, there was one main goal it had to accomplish: bringing their personality forth while sending a statement “we’re no longer the underdogs.”

A duality that gave us the intentionality we search when going from strategy to design. A concept.

We played with the codes of the postal industry, tying some old iconography to a more modern identity that could display the approachability and sympathy of the team.

Overall it all worked pretty well together.


Redesigning the back-end platform that'll power growth

Amongst all the services the company proposed, their web app was lacking when it came to providing "peace of mind" for both their clients and themselves. 

It was very basic and close to nothing was automated, putting constant strain on the team that had to fulfil most of the clients' requests manually. It was time for MySent 2.0, where we made it easy to keep track of their parcel, download invoices, add team members to the dashboard and get automatic reporting.

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