Adely wanted legitimate ways to turn ambition into attractiveness. We helped the scale-up build the best experience to be known and recognisable by the right talents and clients.


For the two founders, who had experience in package distribution, the starting point for Adely was simple. Working for the biggest brands they realised that the last mile was both the most costly aspect of parcel delivery and the least sustainable.

They had invested in a carbon-neutral logistical chain and were ready to help businesses transition ─from order to delivery─ to more planet-friendly delivery services.

Most of all, the market had a place for a greener last-mile delivery specialist focused on a customer-centric approach. A carrier that would protect the brand experience of their clients, while offering a sustainable alternative.

The mission

It can cost money and customer loyalty to a brand if a package is poorly delivered. And as a client, a careless delivery is ruining the whole purchase experience.

So we worked with Adely to understand what was their role in shaping a positive delivery experience for customers and what was the rightful place of their inherently sustainable approach in their brand strategy.

The objective was to formalise a brand strategy capable of providing Adely with the foundational brand assets necessary to position itself as a frontrunner and build recognition in the market.

Our approach

The collaboration was hands-on and immersive. We joined the drivers on their routes, collaborated closely with the sales team, and engaged with clients and partners. A shared goal united them all: to provide the best experience while sustainably delivering people’s orders.

Working with Adely’s team we took a look at all the moments and interactions we ─as customers─ have with brands when we shop online. From the purchase moment, where excitement builds up. To the moment the package you ordered reaches your doorstep. From the moment you click purchase. To the moment you track your delivery status. From the moment you receive the order details in your inbox. To the moment you return it. It all should be frictionless and on-brand,... and that’s exactly what Adely was all about. 

If, for the co-founders, sustainability had been their default state of mind, it was a quest for excellence in the logistics of online order fulfilment that prompted them to work on their brand. They had built greener logistics, but they didn’t want to stop there. But one thing is for sure, this gave them a pretty good hand to play when it came time to not just meet but reinvent industry standards.

« Working with Nemesis was a game-changer for us. Their ability to dissect and understand our market positioning helped us realise that how we were doing things: the sustainable way, wasn’t why we were doing it: the great experience. This branding exercise led to a brand identity that truly embodies our spirit of innovation. They, not only elevated our brand, but also the way we see ourselves. »

Ismail El Krichi

CEO, Adely

The teams at Adely wanted to have a brand identity that would stand out and be synonymous with providing the best last-mile delivery. They had confidence in their ability to build an unparalleled experience in the sector. 

To support these ambitions we gave them the means to be visible and recognizable. We worked with their executives to find their name and designed a personable identity that wouldn’t go unnoticed.

« The team at Nemesis are more than branding experts; they're corporate storytellers. They took our multifaceted service offerings and distilled them into a coherent brand that our clients trust and our team is excited to represent. »

Soufyan Tagui

Head of Operations, Adely

At Adely they believe that parcel delivery should be an effortless and worry-free process. The collaboration was all about bringing this philosophy to life, transforming each delivery into a remarkable and on-brand experience.

A deep-dive into our journey with Adely

When Ismail & Soufyan came to us with the desire to turn their business (being independent contractors in the parcel distribution business) into a brand it was a natural fit. They had convictions and values but didn’t know exactly where to start.

Their initial goal was to ensure they wouldn’t lose sight of what made them successful, but also what had drawn to them most of their employees and customers: a sustainable mindset to logistics.

Built on their expertise as logistics professionals as well as their experience as shoppers, they realised that it can cost money and customer loyalty to a brand if a package is poorly delivered. 


Ultimately, as a client, a careless delivery is ruining the whole purchase experience. That was the start of the reflection.

All about the experience

Immersed in the logistics aspect of their business we realised that you can often lose sight of the importance of a great customer experience in delivering parcels. Yes, efficient delivery is key and expected from people, but this should not keep human-to-human interactions in the back seat.

Discussing with clients you hear stories of careless deliveries, baby showers or birthday gifts arriving late or even unique pieces being damaged or lost. When it comes to last-mile delivery logistics, smooth operations and client satisfaction are at 50/50.

Adely works to simplify how people ship, receive and return their packages all the while keeping sustainability in mind every step of the way.

Turning this ambition into vision at Adely resulted in the following narrative:
Great experiences, delivered.

Making Adely visible and memorable

We worked with them, to understand how to articulate their ambition, position the brand in the market and arm the sales team with the right pitch and visual identity.

The branding process for Adely involved thinking equally about differentiation and distinctiveness. The positioning and strategy serve the former and the brand’s visual identity serves the latter.

With that in mind, naming the project was the first step. Adelie penguins are a rare species of penguin with a long feathery tail. When they migrate they travel as much as 17.600km (back and forth). These little creatures ─on the brink of extinction due to global warming─ inspired the name Adely as they symbolise the intrinsic motivation behind offering greener logistics (fighting climate change). Also, the name can be divided into A (premium grade) Deli (Delivery).

In creating the brand’s visual identity, having a mascot played a crucial role in bringing awareness to the brand and being remarkable and recognized. So we built the identity around this personable asset that offers an iconic element to the identity that is worth remembering.


Adely is now recognized as ‘the penguin brand’. And Adely’s penguin is now a synonym for the best experience in parcel delivery. The start of brand equity for a fine bunch of people.

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