Freedhome called us as strategic partners to help them put their vision into words and refresh their corporate identity to elevate their brand.


As a small business, Freedhome has seen its growth peak and cap for the past few years. Stuck in the operational aspect of the business they couldn’t find the time to market their competitive difference to stand out to potential customers.

So it was time to take a break and a direct look in the mirror. What did we do right? What did we do wrong? What didn’t we do at all? The CEO wanted to refresh the brand, switch growth back on and professionalise the company’s image.

The starting question for our collaboration was: How to get the company back on a sustainable growth path?

The mission

After years of building its expertise and reputation, Freedhome had reached a point of well-oiled operations. It was time for the team to look at the company’s foundation and bridge the gaps between niche and scale.

The starting point was to help formulate the CEO’s drive into a narrative that could be delegated. We quickly realised that they hadn’t taken the time to crystalize why people were drawn to Freedhome and not their competitors.

Then we translated their competitive difference into image through a brand’s identity refresh, which displays professionalism and trustworthiness.

Our Approach

We followed the Freedhome’s team on-site, learned what it meant to install stairlifts and other elevators for people with reduced mobility, and heard stories of people regaining autonomy.

We animated a few workshops with the team to allow them to voice their ambitions and personal expectations with the rebranding process. We surveyed their clients to unearth what was Freedhome’s real impact on their lives. And built a narrative that would bring both points of view together.

Hand-in-hand with the CEO and a selected team of people at FH we implemented the vision into non-negotiables that would then reshape internal processes and also bring to life legitimate innovation and growth paths (mainly through refocused sales efforts).

« If our initial demand was mainly on boosting sales, the rebranding process we went through with Nemesis was really empowering, almost cathartic. We had to take a step back and work on ourselves... and the crazy thing is that we didn't realised how necessary it was. It won't change the care we put in finding the best solution for our customers, but it gives the whole company clarity on our impact and why people love us. »

Christophe Desmarez

CEO, Freedhome

If initially the efforts were put into clarifying Freedhome’s message in their sales process and their collaboration with medical professionals, the redesign of the visual identity was crucial to convey a clarified story.

We helped Freedhome put words on their differences and armed them with an identity that will help them bridge the gaps between say and do.

A deep-dive into our collaboration with Freedhome

One cannot fully comprehend the impact a company like Freedhome has on people’s lives by reading a branding brief or doing a 2-hour workshop session.

We followed Freedhome’s technicians on site and saw them install stairlifts or elevators. Each installation was accompanied by emotional relief for their customer and Freedhome’s workers as well. Following them made us realise that it's not just about selling and installing mobility aids for people, but giving them back control over their movements in their own homes.


A severely injured adolescent could finally move around autonomously without having to rely on her parents all day long. An elderly man finally accessed the upper floors of his house, after a couple of months of being stuck on the ground floor. A grandmother could finally tuck her grandchild to bed at night after two years, because she hadn’t been able to walk up the stairs.

Most of all, it’s their dedication to people that stood out the most. We witnessed an example of that when a technician decided that he couldn’t possibly go home knowing a stairlift had broken (mind you it was way past office hours) and made a 250 km detour to fix it because: “people depend on our products to live their lives.”

People's dedication as a profession

From our immersion, all the insights were clear on what united everyone at Freedhome. They were all dedicated to helping people with impaired mobility or handicaps (not only the elderly but also severely injured people with prolonged recovery times) regain autonomy in their own homes. 

Freedhome’s vision derives from this simple idea of ‘autonomy’: 
Providing autonomy so you can embrace life.

And when it came to rewriting their values, we emphasised the fact that they were principles inseparable from how things were done at Freedhome so we called them: non-negotiable. 

  • No competition in helping people
  • Human-to-human services
  • No problems, only solutions

A clean-looking brand for a reliable company

In reworking the visual identity, the main goal was to build a minimal system that would act as a support for sales and to help clients find all the right information on such a critical and life-changing investment. The design process was straightforward: strip down the identity to the very essential and wove in more visual intentions at the service of clear information. 

We started by refreshing the logo, then reworked the colour palette (built around a more mature variation of their previous colour: red). We then played with shapes reminiscent of going up, down and over to infuse a sentiment of motion within Freedhome’s identity.

Mission accomplished, for the small business. They are currently in discussion with state entities to widen their offer (with an offer for short-mid-long term stairlift and elevator locations) to facilitate access to state subsidies for more people. 

The clarified vision brought renewed energy within the team and is fully embraced by Freedhome’s leadership.

We can’t wait to see the company back on its growth path. They deserve it.

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