Helping a mother build the foundations that will support her ambition and shape her business. From naming and strategic roadmap to market positioning and visual identity.


Motherhood has a way to turn new moms into bookworms, avid learners and professional investigators, always searching for information, activities and new ways to take care of your infant’s health and well-being.

When Anaïs became a mother, she realized it was her path all along. She jumped into training and certification in everything kids-care, she dug the internet in search of the best knowledge that’s out there.

Getting to help develop her newly found calling into her own business has been the focus of the mission for Littlehood. We got to work on everything from scratch: Market positioning, Brand foundations, Naming and Visual Identity.

The mission

We started by understanding what drives Anaïs on a daily. Her passion is wide, from teaching what she learned to giving in-person workshops on baby massage and babywearing. We had to go from her broad ambitions at first and refine her business concept into an MVP.

We then proceeded to focus on building every aspect of said MVP through the prism of her unique vision. Starting small and preparing for growth while constructing the Littlehood brand provided us with clarity.

The goal was to quickly empower Anaïs with key brand elements so that she could start ─even with imperfect and rough execution─ and get better with the support of the brand.

Our approach

The collaboration was made of key co-creation workshops. From positioning, qualitative retail store location, target mapping and even naming the brand we worked hand-in-hand with Anaïs to bring her vision to life.

We put the strategy in place, supported by her values. She’s got the gist of her planning outlined in a strategic roadmap, that she’ll adapt with confidence as the business realities confront the business model.

« I have to admit I wasn't sure how to turn passion into a profitable business. Working with Nemesis made this dream so real. I'm so grateful for all the time invested in making sure I have all it takes to build my dream company. »

Anaïs Mbesse

Founder, Littlehood

Littlehood is now properly equipped with a solid foundation, clear messaging, a set of visual guidelines and a first version of the website to take action and launch her business with consistency.

Anaïs has tried and proved small versions of her concept through different parent groups and associations in Belgium and is intended to launch full-scale in Dubai in 2025.

Insights into our journey with Littlehood

When we started our collaboration with Anaïs, the main challenge was not only to sort through all the amazing interests and expertise this mother had to develop through motherhood, but help create the fundational assets for translate these into business opportunity.

In short, it was to turn a super mom into a business mom.

If Anaïs had been exploring all kinds of projects, it almost always revolved around teaching in one form or the other. This project was no exception. Littlehood is set to turn bonding activities into teachable moments. Gifting parents the knowledge that allows them to grow stronger bonds and feel closer with their infants.

Designing moments

In approaching the design for Littlehood the main idea was to find the best way to show Littlehood's moments and the associated feelings. Using organic custom shapes was the perfect graphic resolution to show high-touch bonding moments in safe spaces.

Additionally, to make the brand even more personable, we accompanied the overall system with illustrations that could act as add-ons in layouts or as icons throughout the website. These were done at the height of Covid so took this opportunity to make the usual mask and hydrogel icons more friendly, adding a human touch to medical and sanitary tropes.

Digital ecosystem

Setting up for the future we already envisioned what a website could look like for Littlehood. While it's not yet in development, here's a preview of what a homepage would be.

Launching abroad

Littlehood was eventually launched in the form of workshops here and there in Belgium. Anaïs joined forces with other childcare professionals and built up a solid base as a result.

Littlehood and Anaïs plan to set up in Dubai from 2025. We're delighted with how these plans are shaping up and we'll certainly be helping to bring them to life when the project is launched.

Stay tuned.

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